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A Balad For Kid Chocolate

$145.00 USD

Shipping $5.00 Domestic $10.00 International

Art is printed on enhanced poster museum-quality Epson matte paper. 

The Original canvas painting available to collectors.

Dimensions - Height 79in x Width 48in.

Price - $7488.02 .

Acrylic, oil pastel and photo assemblage on canvas.

From the series: The Past Is A Present Sense

The Past Is Present Sense, Guyana-born Kwesi Abbensetts cites his own experience and archival material chronicling life in Harlem from 1900 through 1968 to explore the formulation of the Black self in America. Abbensetts’s works traverse time and couple the archive with the buoyancy of deep hues to reveal and bolster the rootedness and resilience of the Black character challenged both in the present and in the past by social and economic forces aimed at its death.

My paintings tell a story of beauty and optimism. They are experiments that explore the depth and wealth of myself. 

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