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Mask Of My Past #1: A Print Edition of 12

$85.00 USD

Shipping $5.00 Domestic $10.00 International

Printed on Deep matte:

With a true matte finish, Fuji Crystal Archive Deep Matte paper offers bright whites and wide color range with a smooth texture soft to the touch.

Those with an appreciation for nuanced fine art imagery will appreciate Deep Matte paper. Sophisticated, artful scenes benefit from the depth and detail of this paper. Deep Matte has a smooth finish and a velvet touch.

From the series: Mask Of My Past

Work Statement

This work is from the series "Masks Of My Past", a re-contextualized conversation between the past and present. This work is concerned with  “Revisionary Self Appropriation.” It is a work that seeks to build new context and representation of self and not relying on direct posited contemporary references. It relies on “blood” memory, invention and experimentation via the process of intuitive force performance.

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